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Five Star Food Safety provides expert online training for food businesses and food safety professionals

Picture of Michael Bateman - owner of Five Star Food Safety

Hello, I’m Michael Bateman and welcome to Five Star Food Safety. Occasionally I consult additional help from food safety specialists across the world, but mostly, what you’ll find here is my own work.

There’s a lot of great work out there that is helping to improve the food safety industry, and Five Star Food Safety aims to be a part of that. With 20 years of working in the field, as a Food Business Manager, an Environmental Health Officer and as a Food Safety Consultant, I'm excited to share my skills and knowledge.

What I hope I have created is my own little niche in the sector. I think about how the food safety field can be improved, filter the list down to what sounds fun and interesting to me, and then get to work!

Every business can get a 5 rating

A guide for food businesses on how to achieve a five star food hygiene rating, without the sterile approach that comes from government advice.

Most of the guidance available online is provided by government authorities and so is necessarily factual and lacking in personality. All the information is there, but it is written in a particular style that is not easy to absorb. I therefore created a guide that gives context, real-life scenarios, tips and tricks, and is hopefully interesting to read as a result.

I also didn’t believe that businesses should need to pay for this guide; I want all food businesses to achieve a five rating, and so it’s free!

Tools for the professional

I have a keen interest in technology and I am always looking at how algorithm tools can be used to improve food safety. The random result of this is tools such as the FHRS Calculator.

This section is a place where I can experiment with ideas that I think food safety professionals would benefit from and that I really want to work on. As such it will be a random set of tools, that will hopefully be useful.

Expert training

The most substantial aspect of Five Star Food Safety is the training. As a food safety specialist, I am well aware of the challenges in attaining CPD to meet the competency framework as set out by the Food Standards Agency in the Food Law Code of Practice.

Budgets are tight for the private sector and local authorities. Classroom courses are rare and online training is limited. This is where I decided to focus my expertise.

It’s not easy to develop highly targeted food safety training and deliver it in an engaging e-learning package, and there are few people in the country capable of doing it. I aim to develop engaging, rewarding, value-for-money training that helps food safety professionals implement five star food safety in businesses every day.